Sometimes people cannot free themselves from negative influences
coming from outside of themselves;
for instance from deceased or other negative beings.
Some people experience the thoughts of these beings as their own,
have negative emotions, physical pain, become withdrawn,
avoiding others and being confused.
It is difficult to constantly keep up resistance against the negativity
and this can result in tiredness on different levels.

Children that are diagnosed with ADHD, are often plagued by negative beings
and become fearful, noisy, agressive, nervous and unmanageable.
It is not necessary to bring these children into the practice,
they can be helped through a parent who comes for consultation.

After identification of the negative influences,
it is necessary to examine how the situation arose.
It could have been because the person didn't believe that he
or she had the strength to stand on their own two feet,
or experienced fears or other emotions
that led to weakening of the aura.
Such causes are then (if still present) released and
the negative influences can then be removed.

Instruction is given in protective meditations
that can help the person feel stronger
and the protection thus achieved to last much longer.

Within a few days after the cleansing the personal energy builds up
and the person feels much lighter and happier,
their self-awareness increases and they have more will to enjoy life.
Children also feel more themselves, more self-assured,
sleep better and are free of fears again.