Adults and children of all ages are welcome at Stella Maris,
to work on physical as well as emotional,
mental and spiritual problems:

90% of allergies/intolerances/oversensitivities can be removed immediately
by working through and releasing the underlying causes.

Lack of energy, exhaustion or burn out can also be removed quickly.

ADHD etc. often turn out to be caused by a combination of problems
from earlier in this life and/or past lives,
which can easily be worked through and released.

High sensitivity and/or intelligence as well as clairsentience/audience/voyance
can be identified and supported with the right information.

Insight can be given into the gifts and qualities with which a person incarnated
and an oversight of the personal and/or social missions that accompany them.

Negativity in the form of thoughts, fears, confusion, evasion, anger,
hiding away, pains and, especially in the case of children,
aggression and being unmanageable can disappear when the
connections to negative entities are severed.
This makes place then for increasing personal energy,
happiness, self-awareness and calmness.

Asthma and stuffiness, long-lasting colds or 'flu' can disappear,
bringing great relief.

90% of headaches and migraine can be eased or removed completely.

A lack of balance, leading to fast-mounting tensions and difficulty
releasing them, can often be corrected by a spiritual operation.

Depression can disappear by identifying what causes it and releasing this,
so that the light can return to a life.

Therapists needing support are welcome for supervision,
usually two minds know more than one.

Improving the co-operation with spiritual guides can
enrich the possibilities on a life's path.

Contact with passed friends and relatives that present themselves,
or the information provided by spirit guides,
can be illuminating and sometimes provide great relief.

Fears and addictions can be banished, with the right dedication,
after becoming aware of and releasing the underlying causes.

Lack of sleep seems to have very diverse causes,
that can be tracked doen and solved.

Babies that cry uncontrollably can be understood and helped,
much to the relief of the concerned and overtired parents.

and so much more...