Transformational Healing at Stella Maris is a form of healing
whereby vibrations are transmitted through the hands of a therapist
in co-operation with higher Light Beings.
The Light Beings themselves can also pass on the vibrations directly
through the aura of the therapist.

These vibrations can be described precisely and determined
by kinesiological testing.
They can be vibrations of essences, remedies, chrystals
or combinations of any of these.
They may also be irradations chosen by the Light Beings themselves
as being most suitable for the person.

The vibrations will be directly irradiated into the aura,
the physical body or water
to be taken internally or used in the aura.

In these ways vibrations can be passed on to encourage and support
a process of growth, healing and upgrading of consciousness.

By facilitating the healing and integration of the more subtle bodies,
emotional and mental blockages can be released
and physical complaints will disappear.

Balanced development, the opening of chakra's and transformation to
a higher level of consciousness is supported, the DNA is restored.

Contact with the Divine Source and personal Spirit Guides
is also strengthened.