Our world has become a speedway offering access to many possibilities
for personal and therefore also collective development.
Many people experience these changes as chaotic and frightening and
subsequently lose their mental, emotional and physical balance.

In essentially, everyone feels and knows what he or she needs
to transform old patterns of behaviour and renew this balance and
often a combination of different techniques will prove most effective.

Self-healing powers can be stimulated
to release spiritual, mental and emotional blockages and tensions
that are supporting acute and chronic physical ailments.

At Stella Maris all are encouraged to promote their own healing
and development in a simple and relaxed manner,
with the help of loving attention and:

Transformational Healing
Spiritual Surgery
NEI Therapy
Healing Crystals
Etheric Oils
The Harmonizer
The Whizzard Cards

Those wishing to become a stronger channel for healing energy,
accelerating their own healing and development and that of others,
are welcome to take part in Reiki initiations at Stella Maris.