29 spiritual surgeons at Stella Maris perform corrections,
via subtle layers of the human being,
that can work through into the physical body.

These doctors were medical specialists during past lives on Earth
and operate together from within a higher sphere,
serving people through their expert abilities.

Usually a person becomes more relaxed where they sit
and in this state spiritual operations are performed.
Several operations can take place within one consultation
and often pass unnoticed during other therapies.

It is not necessary to ask specifically for spiritual surgery;
the wish to be healed is sufficient.
Through clairsentience or -audience the therapist can usually
explain which operations are being perfomed.

Because the doctors work in subtle layers,
it is not always immediately clear what has happenend,
but many acute and/or chronic conditions
will disappear or greatly improve.

Often operations are given that would otherwise be considered
impossible or difficult to perform by earthly doctors at this time.