Mikao Usui rediscovered Reiki, as a system of laying on of hands,
at the end of the 19th century in Japan and

it has spread worldwide in the meantime.
Through initiations channels are opened to allow healing energies
to flow through the hands, helping to heal yourself or others.
The longing to learn and the dedication to use Reiki in your life,
is all that is needed.
Reiki works as a soft stream of love that activates the body,
encouraging it to bring itself into balance.

Within Usui Reiki there are three grades which are spread over
four separate courses at Stella Maris:

Reiki I consists of 4 initiations divided over two days in one weekend.
The channels are opened forever so that the energie kan flow freely and,
after a period of purification, a new feeling of life is experienced.
The history and efficacy of Reiki is learned, the hand positions, ethics and
  Rules of Reiki. Everyone practises the method on each other.

From Reiki I onwards a channelling is given to determine whether,
why and when a person is ready to continue with more initiations.

Reiki II is for those who wish to connect on a deeper level
with themselves and Reiki.
As well as a further initiation, Holy Symbols and Mantra's are learned,
allowing for a stronger flow of Reiki and making
healing at a distance possible.
This is also practised together on the day of initiation.

The Reiki Master grade is divided into two initiations,
which are given on two separate days
and often individually at Stella Maris:

Reiki IIIA comprises an initiation, learning the Master Symbol and Mantra,
which enable a much stronger flow of Reiki.
Learning psychic surgery makes the removal of
deep-sitting negative energies possible with greater force and precision.

Reiki IIIB is for those who feel called upon to initiate others
into the Reiki tradition.
An initiation is received with a second Master Symbol and Mantra.
The organisation of Reiki courses is learned and initiations are practised.
It is possible as Reiki Master IIIB to attend courses given to others at
Stella Maris, if earlier initiations were taken at other Reiki Centres.

Susan J.Woods is Usui Reiki Master since 1998
en Karuna Reiki Master since 1999.