Neuro Emotional Integration was developed by a doctor
from Curacao, Dr. Roy Martina, and
used therapeutically in the Netherlands since 1995.
NEI Therapy makes it possible,
by combining many different techniques,
to efficiently tackle deep-rooted problems.

It is unnecessary to have many analytical sessions
or to re-experience intense emotions,
to be able to achieve satisfactory results.

Our subconscious mind is pogrammed by our past,
even experiences from before our birth,
determining our behaviour and often causing many fears
or self-sabotage of success in relationships and financial areas
and on emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels.

During NEI Therapy, using kinesiological testing,
the subconscious mind is questioned
to identify old emotions that still cause problems,
which can then be immediately released.
Important insights are gained and often a
completely new view of the personal life emerges.

NEI therapy certainly fits well into these times, in which
many people are busy improving the quality of their lives
on many levels.

Susan J. Woods is a Certified NEI Therapist
since 1999.