Sacred Geometry demands rather precise work and Geert Waterlander
tested various versions of the 'Lost Cubit' from ancient Egypt,
to make the Harmoniser in use at Stella Maris.

Its form has a variety of different effects;
it can neutralise and harmonise
the surrounding electro-magnetic fields and
the negativity radiating from humans.

It can help with removal of a trauma that originated on another planet
creating a theme subsequently experienced during many lives on Earth.

When someone is ready to leave the trauma behind them,
having surmounted the difficulties that the theme afforded them,
the Harmoniser becomes very useful.

Special music activates and heightens the effect of the Harmoniser,
vibrating deeply into their being and bringing old convictions and emotions
to the surface to be neutralised.

Understanding the original trauma and the theme in this life
has an richly illuminating effect,
creating a great sense of release and harmony.

People can release several different themes in one lifetime,
especially these day now that fast expanding consciousness
allows for great steps in development.