As an Aquarian my autonomy was always of great importance to me;
music, art and literature attracted me, also philosophy, sociology,
psychology and astrology.
People's thoughts and feelings were especially fascinating; and
I placed everyone under my 'microscope'.

Leaving the land of my birth and starting afresh in the Netherlands
with a new language and way of life, allowed me
to free myself from developmental restrictions on many levels,
and I am very grateful to all those who took me into their lives
and helped me on my way here.
However, I appreciate my English roots among creative people,
beautiful landscapes and rich traditions.
I still visit them with great pleasure and gladly offer my children
the advantage of knowing both countries.

Relationships with family members and a friend who is a
soul connection through many centuries,
have enriched me and helped me to evolve in many areas of life.
Contacts that I have developed with many Light Beings
and visitors from other planets,
have encouraged me to surrender to a fruitful co-operation with them
in which wonders of healing have become a daily possibility,
through their dedication and love.

Developing as a healing and speaking medium is an ongoing task
that never seems completed, and I am thankful for this work
into which I can pour all my creativity.
I experience inner peace and great satisfaction with my path;
I cannot yet imagine a more spiritually rewarding life for myself.

Dolphins always filled me with the need to give of myself
through resonance with my fellow human beings;
their unconditional love inspired my search for connections
allowing free influence to Divine Inspiration.

By taking the path of freedom in peace and harmony and
by activating genuine feelings of compassion, understanding,
appreciation, courage, forgiveness and humility
- all the virtues of the heart -
entering the domain of Unity becomes possible and the flow of Divine Love
can be expressed in behaviour and actions towards all lifeforms.
Giving each other the space in which to create a way of life through love
is certainly an art worth learning.